Veggie omelete recipe By alysworlds

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted for awhile since I was busy with Instagram. I have a lot of great news coming soon❤️ which I will hopefully announce soon.

Coming soon is my first giveaway which will be announced on Instagram.

Here is my recipe ❤️❤️

Veggie omelette


Half teaspoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 egg

1 tablespoons of milk

Any choice of vegetables not frozen

Please note: All my recipes are done by me and not taken from anyone unless tasted 🌹☕️🍽🍴 Thank you

( you can use my choice of vegetables or do your own)

Note: The vegetables I used was broccoli, Red pepper, potatoes, green peas, eggplant and green pepper. You can use that or you can use your own.


First, cut the onion into pieces then add the tomatoes. ( which should be cut) Into the frying pan. Switch the fire into Medium heat add one teaspoon oil Fry a bit. Close the frying pan. Wait for 5 minutes do slowly fire.

Add the milk into the egg gradually mix it. And keep on the side. Add all vegetables into a frying pan. And mix it for few minutes. close it for 3 minutes. Add into the vegetable salt and black pepper and closed it until half cooked.

as soon as the vegetables are cooked open it to add eggs to it. And wait for a while and it’s cooked.

Until its ready to serve

I usually drink it with green tea or just water as it helps to burn the food.

I usually have this for dinner at 6 pm and then go for walk. Not late at night as its quite heavy 🍴

Comment below on what you think?

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