A trip on to obivilon

Hey guys new blog here, just a bit of twist of a personal favorite, The 14th of June was The trip which consists of three-month vacation to Switzerland. I have been going constantly yearly to this country to enjoy a little summer vacation under The Alps that really gives the impression to relax.

During that day I was on the ride to the airport, after seeing my two dogs Jessie and Isabella ( well talk about them in the next post). With my mom, we went all the way to Dubai airport cringing with happiness to go to our second home, the airport took an hour. We then reached and checked in. and of course, passed through the customs into the airport never going to the airport in Dubai before it was a long way in terminal 3 passing through it. I would say 45 minutes to walk through.

We stayed by the lounge for awhile for my mum to have some coffee and fruits which was a long time but was fun. My most memorable experience.

My most recent favorite memories is when I went to Prague with my family, it was an interesting time, from falling of in the snow to looking at walking and the beautiful wintery bridge.

Back at the airport:

I then had white mocha from Starbucks I specifically love walking with it on my hand it’s my favorite as it give me the sense of peace. I had the coffee we sat by the chair with there where kids who were utterly very noisy and very friendly, I sometimes just don’t like it when there’s kids around.

The mother who was chatting with me to move to Dubai and how Dubai as a trip was incredible, I begin explaining how Dubai is and what is there. So sometimes I believe that when you meet a complete stranger you learn two things you learn that simple smile and kindness can make anyone approach you.

I can see that why that is true because we are here for a reason we should always be kind and friendly. We are here to help each other and embrace each other with a smile. An example today at the cafes here in a Swiss couple of the locals came and said hello, and we haven’t seen them for awhile why because we talk with them and make sure to stay humble and sweet at all times.

Back at the airport ( HAD To mention these important points) so after having this conversation we walked a little to wait for the airlines to announce the boarding ( Emirates airlines) which took 5 minutes to board the plane. As soon as we are on the plane we were offered apple juice or orange juice. By the business class( 6 hours flight Dubai to Geneva)

Which was exciting I really love sitting by the window. To see the clouds nature and the sun. The plane was in the sky ordered lunch. Which was a salmon salad with balsamic vinegar? And the main course was fish and salad and bread and butter. During the time watching a couple of money and read a book and had coffee. Wrote notes about this blog.

We landed at the airport and off to my house and passed by to have pizza.

These are my photos.

Writing this post is intended for enjoyment. And not to review an airport or airlines I am not an airlines reviewer( This is just for about this opinion about this) I will sometimes be posting something similar if I feel it’s worth posting.

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Thank you see you Next week.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. slofypilgrim says:

    AW this looks like heaps fun!


  2. Gorgeous photos! I would love to visit either of those places one day!


    1. alyazia123 says:

      You definitely should ❤️ They are lovely


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